Lyin’ Hillary!

Saturday, August 06, 2016
by Patrick Dorinson

Just when she was having a great week on the campaign trail and the polls were turning in her favor, Hillary Clinton was once again tripped up by the one thing she can’t shake.

Her complete inability to tell the truth.

Hillary Clinton is about as shy of the truth as a goat is of feathers.

And if she is going to continue on this line of defense for her illegal e-mail activity she should take some more lessons from her husband Bill who was and is an “unusually good” liar as former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey once said him.

But the Clintons are not alone in their failure to tell the truth or to distinguish right from wrong.

It is a national epidemic and with social media it is only getting worse.

However today we don’t call it lying.

One way of avoiding the dreaded “L” word is to say you “misspoke” and then say what you really meant to say.


If I would have told my mother that I had misspoke and not lied she would first laugh and second warm my backside.

Now we expect politicians to stretch the truth when they make campaign promises and we are smart enough to separate what is true and what is wishful thinking on their part.

But Hillary Clinton is not talking about campaign promises she is talking about her sleazy secret server set-up where she hid information to keep it away from prying eyes including the very State Department she led.

Democrats have been running ads that tell parents to keep their kids away from the TV when Donald Trump comes on because he is vulgar and doesn’t set a good example of acceptable behavior.

Republicans should run a counter ad that tells parents to remove their kids from the vicinity of the TV when Hillary Clinton comes on because they don’t want their children to be influenced by a bald faced liar.

I’ll take a little vulgarity over lying any day of the week.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week and it is from Mark Twain.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”.

I’ve got to hand it to her when she tells a lie she sticks to it and that means remembering all the lies and keeping them in their proper order.

But each time she is questioned about her e-mails she adds another layer of lies that must be untangled.

And she keeps the story alive all by her lonesome.

Until she comes clean this will continue to dog her even if she does beat Donald Trump come November.

Then America will really get the “two for one deal” Bill Clinton promised he and Hillary would be back in 1992.

We will have two liars in the White House. Bill the “unusually good” liar and Hillary the not-so-good liar.