Pre-Emptive Surrender

Saturday, March 26, 2016
by Patrick Dorinson

The general election is still nine months away and the establishment Republicans are waving the white flag of surrender even before the battle is joined.

To listen to all the pretentious pundits and pompous panjandrums who pass as conservatives on cable news all is lost and the Republicans are in for an electoral drubbing of epic proportions in November if Donald Trump is the nominee.

I’m glad these folks weren’t at Valley Forge or else instead of football and baseball we would have soccer and cricket as our national pastimes.

The pre-emptive surrender doctrine is one that is all too familiar when it comes to the current bunch of Washington Republicans. It is one they have practiced regularly in their dealings with President Obama and it is one reason why they find themselves in so much trouble with their base.

This doctrine has allowed the President to usurp the enumerated powers of the Congress as set out in the Constitution and hand down decrees and executive orders as if he were a monarch.

But other than issuing strongly worded statements and expressing their outrage they have done very little to stop this abuse of power.

Now there are many reasons to explain the rise of Donald Trump but one of the key reasons is that his supporters see a Republican Party that has been flaccid in response to King Obama even when they control both houses of Congress.

They see leaders more worried about how the politically correct mainstream media will view their actions than how the voters who put them in power will.

But when Donald Trump stands up and challenges this ridiculous political correctness that pervades our politics and society, his acolytes see someone who is willing to fight for them unlike the cowering Congressional Republicans.

Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” is the perfect rallying cry for these forgotten Americans.

And for many I suspect that under their breath they are adding “before it’s too late” to Trump’s signature phrase.

These Americans have simply had enough and they refuse to sit by helplessly and watch their country overrun by the kind of multiculturalism that is destroying Europe.

But those in the “surrender” wing of the Republican Party don’t care about any of that. They only want to survive and hold on to as much power as they can during this volatile period in our nation’s history.

And if that means early capitulation to avoid the battle they are only too happy to oblige.

In the movie “Braveheart” Mel Gibson’s character William Wallace has his Donald Trump moment when he rebels against the English who have been abusing Scotland with rape, pillage and murder for many years.

He raises and army with the goal of a free Scotland.

But the Scottish nobles unlike the peasants have a cushy deal with the English. They behave and they get lands and wealth. If they step out of line the English will punish them.

In the scene just before the Battle of Stirling Bridge, the weasely Scottish nobles are just about to cross the battlefield to basically surrender to the English in exchange for new lands and titles when suddenly Wallace rides up.

The nobles tell him to butt out and to “pay them homage”. He says very Trump-like, “I pay my homage to Scotland!”

The peasant soldiers say they are willing to fight the hated English but not for “them” meaning the Scottish nobles.

In a stirring speech, Wallace rallies to Scots, and building to a crescendo tells them “they may take our lives but they will never take our freedom!”

Wallace leads them to victory, but eventually he is sold out by those same Scottish nobles.

The Scottish nobles of today are the Republican Establishment.

As long as they can feed at the trough in Washington they don’t want to make any waves.

They only seek new titles and lands to Hell with the peasants.

And they will sell their souls for the sake of self-preservation.

“Braveheart” was just a movie and Donald Trump is no William Wallace.

But his message of standing up and putting up a fight for traditional America is resonating in the countryside.

The Republican Establishment is willing to surrender even before the battle has begun because they have too much to lose.

The peasants who have been beaten down for many years have nothing to lose and they are willing to follow a leader who promises them one more shot at glory.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week and it is from Winston Churchill who knew a thing or two about victory and defeat both in war and politics.

“Nations which went down fighting rose again, but those which surrendered tamely were finished”.

The same can be said for political parties.

Republican primary voters yearn for a fighter who will not meekly play by the rules set out by Democrats and their allies in the media.

They don’t want 10-point plans nor do they care to hear about the great things a candidate says they did in the past.

They want a William Wallace.

The Republican Establishment should embrace this moment if they truly want to survive and evolve.

Even if the Scottish nobles of the Establishment and the peasants unite they still might lose.

But at least they will have gone down fighting together and the rebirth can begin.

If they tamely surrender before the battle begins, as Churchill said, they will be finished.