The People vs. The Pundits and Pollsters

Saturday, August 29, 2015
by Patrick Dorinson

America’s pollsters, pundits and political consultants are apoplectic over the very thought that the voters of this country haven’t swallowed their pompous predictions and prognostications as to who will be the eventual Republican and Democratic nominees for president.

How can this be they cry?

Don’t the rubes and bumpkins in flyover country understand that we are the exalted experts on how the American people feel and how they will and should vote a little over 14 months from now?

Hell we take their pulse every day!

How dare they question our polls and our years of experience!

Just who the hell do they think they are?

To put it simply they are the people-the regular folks who form the backbone of America.

They do the hard work that is required every day to keeping this country moving forward.

They pay the taxes that support the great bloated leviathan that is the federal government which consumes more and more of their hard earned money.

They watch helplessly as the elites condescendingly tell them what they can and can’t do and how they must think- the First Amendment be damned.

They watch as those same elites get rich off a system of crony capitalism  constructed by the politicians to benefit themselves and their select group of friends and donors.

They fight the wars and do most of the dying in those wars.

They are about as fed up with their putative leaders as they have ever been.

In fact they are hopping mad.

And it is not just on the right side of the electorate. It is in the middle and on the left as well.

Bernie Sanders isn’t exactly an establishment Democrat but he draws crowds bigger than Queen Hillary.

On the right and parts of the middle some have found a champion in Donald Trump.

It doesn’t matter what he says they like the way he is saying it.

Perhaps if they really studied some his past pronouncements and positions they might change their mind. But somehow I doubt it.

Because this isn’t about policy papers or talking points or ten point plans or party platforms or any other of the traditional things one sees in a presidential campaign.

It is about an electorate that is tired and angry.

Tired of all the empty promises and cattle crap they hear from the political class.

Tired of a stagnant economy that has not created anywhere near the jobs necessary to put folks back to work.

Tired that they have had to spend the money they saved for retirement just to stay afloat.

They are angry that while they struggle Wall Street booms on borrowed money.

They are angry that they were forced to accept Obamacare with its higher premiums and unaffordable care even though they never asked for it.

And they are angry that the nation they grew up believing in is disappearing in a wave of political correctness and social engineering which threatens to turn America into a European style welfare state or worse-a Latin American banana republic.

In short they feel cornered with no way out.

And as some looked over the field of candidates for the Republican nomination for president they shrugged their shoulders and said, is this all there is?

Granted some of those candidates are accomplished career politicians.

But that’s the problem for many Republican voters-they are career politicians.

 Enter to great fanfare, Donald Trump.

He is brash, confident, and successful but what they truly love is that he figuratively is giving the finger to the two-party political establishment and in their opinion that is long overdue.

Will he go the distance or is this just a summer fling and that the closer it gets to 2016 they will-as the establishment hopes-come to their senses.

Who knows.

But I can tell you one thing, if the Republican establishment doesn’t figure out a way to harness all this kinetic energy and enthusiasm and yearning for a leader who will stand up for them they will have missed a golden opportunity and their future viability will be in question.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“Watch about sayin’ “it can’t be done.” Somebody’s liable to interrupt you by doin’ it.”

So far Donald Trump has turned conventional wisdom on its ear and he is riding high.

The Republican establishment keeps saying it can’t be done and that Donald Trump won’t be their nominee.

Well, right now he is interrupting their plans and “doin’ it”.

Maybe they should stop sayin’ “it can’t be done”.